• My lender is asking for my Hazard/Flood information. Where can I find this?
    You must have MEMBER Access to the website.  Under the MEMBER tab there is a drop down box for Documents/Insurance Documents.  If you do not find what you need, please send us an email at board@chamalecove.org.

  • How do I submit a request for maintenance?
    To submit a repair request, you must have MEMBER Access to the website.
    There are links on the HomePage for Grounds Request, Maintenance Request and Rules and Regulations Request.  Links are also available on the Members Tab.

Renovation Project
  • When will my building be painted?
    Chamale' Cove is undergoing a major structural renovation project.  Those buildings where 50% of the owners have paid their assessment in full have been sequenced to be repaired and painted.  The remaining buildings will be sequenced in order as determined by the board of directors.  The project is expected to go into 2022.

Rules and Regulations
  • Where can I find the most recent edition of the Rules and Regulations?
    You must have MEMBER access to the website.  Under the MEMBERS tab there is a drop down menu for Documents.  You will find the Rules and Regulations in this section.